The Bay Area’s Haitian Band


KALBASS KREYOL, led by Haitian-born frontman Sophis, is a high-energy Afro-Caribbean band that is best known in the Bay Area for its electrifying and uplifting live performances. Founded in 2005 by Haitian natives Sophis and Mr. G, the band grew out of the open mic scene in Alameda.

The band's music is intently designed for dancing. At the center of their sound are elements of Haitian Kompa and Rara which are mélanged with particles of Merengue, Reggae, Salsa, Zouk, Rock and Funk to create an unusual rhythmic formula that keeps their audience glued to the dance floor.

Kalbass Kreyol is influenced by world music giants in the likes of Kassav from Guadeloupe, Tabou Combo from Haiti and the legendary Santana. Following in the footsteps of these giants, Kalbass Kreyol seems intent on taking their music and message to the four corners of the earth.

In light of the devastating earthquake to hit Haiti in January 2010, Kalbass Kreyol has committed itself to raising funds to benefit victims of this disaster. Come support Haiti's recovery with Kalbass Kreyol—a series of upcoming shows are entirely dedicated to this project, with net proceeds going to directly to relief efforts in Haiti.


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United in Concert to Rebuild Haiti
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